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General Questions
Q. What does ALS stand for?
A. ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved.

Q. Why must all of your models be shaved, I prefer a little hair down there?
A. We established our business with a specific concept and look in mind - High quality images of the prettiest models in the world where all of the models are totally shaved. Simply put - we prefer the cleaner look it presents. It is a fact that hair carries germs and bacteria. In today's world where cleanliness is next to godliness, it only makes sense to have no hair in the pubic region. Apparently our members agree - there is nothing like a smooth clean pussy.

Q. How do you shave the models so smooth without all the red bumps?
A. Unfortunately that information is company secret. We are not allowed to tell you our model shaving techniques.

Q. Will my name and email address ever be given out to other companies?
A. ALS never has, nor ever will sell any of our customers information to other companies. Rest assured that your continued privacy is very important to us. Please refer to out privacy policy if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy.

Q. Why does the photographer talk during the video clips?
A. ALS Scan is not like other adult companies. We like to provide our customers an informative view of what it is like to be at a photo shoot. It is all about the photo shoot and the interaction between the model and the photographer. Sometimes as part of the photoset we will let the model just go at it and have fun without much direction. While other times there is constant back and forth communication between the model and photographer. These girls are just normal people who like to show their bodies to the world and get turned on by the thought of lots of guys seeing them posing naked or masturbating. We capture all of this and present it to you in an informative high-quality fashion. If you are looking for a phony, polished, staged production then we are probably not the site for you. However if you want to truly experience what it is like to be at a photo shoot then you have come to the right place. Not to mention that our pictures and video clips are the highest quality you will ever see on the net.
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Access (Login) Problems
Q. Why aren't my Username and Password working?
A. Please be sure that you have entered your username and password into the prompt exactly as you originally specified on your order form... our system is case sensitive. Also be sure that you have not used all of your remaining tokens. Please be sure that you are using the username and password for If all of the above attempts fail, please send all of the following information in an email to
  • A brief description of your problem
  • Your username and password
  • The date that you placed the order
  • The method you used to sign up (online credit card, online check, mail, etc.)
  • Your full name or the name used when you placed the order
  • The e-mail address you used when you placed the order
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Technical Issues
Q. How do I purchase and download an ALS DVD?
A. If this is your first time to our site, you may be unfamiliar with how the entire process works. As such, we have created a step by step tutorial for just how you can purchase and download ALS DVDs. After reading it over, you'll be buying chapters and downloading like a pro in no time at all!!

Q. Why are members required to have broadband access to the internet?
A. Because the .WMV and .M2P video files are huge. Due to the restrictive nature of DVD compression, ALS Online DVDs use minimal compression schemes to bring our members the highest quality video available. We currently offer three different file sizes for download so that those with the means to have the best quality available can have it while those with more restrictive components can still enjoy ALS DVDs at a very high quality. Unfortunately, without compromising our tough standards, we cannot offer membership to people with low speed connections. The sheer size of each video file would take weeks to download via a dial-up connection.

Q. Do you support Mac computers?
A. Unfortunately, we do not support Macs at this time for the ALS DVD website. However, Microsoft claims that Mac support is available for the Windows Media 9.0 .WMV video formats that we are using, but there will be no further updates to their product. You might consider trying Flip4Mac Digital Media Tools. It enables the playback of .WMV videos in Quicktime and is a free download. Video Lan's VLC media player supports our .M2P video format. You can download them through the links below.

Q. How do I open the zip files?
A. ALS uses WinZip 9 or Power Archiver to zip all of its content. We recommend our customers also use WinZip or Power Archiver for extracting the .WMV and M2P files.

Q. Can I watch these .WMV and .M2P DVD video files on my computer?
A. Yes, provided your computer meets the minumum system requirements for the quality level (video resolution) that you downloaded. Our .WMV files are encoded for use with Windows Media Player 9 while the .M2P files are encoded for use with software DVD players such as Sonic MyDVD or Cyberlink PowerDVD.

Q. The WMV videos are choppy, flickering, and or have lines appearing through the video, what can I do?
A. Check for updates for the driver software for your graphics adapter and Microsoft DirectX from the Windows Update page. If that doesn't solve the problem, turn down (or turn off) video acceleration. To do this in Windows Media Player 9 Series or later, do the following:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Performance tab.
  2. In the Video acceleration area, move the slider to turn down or turn off video acceleration.

Q. The WMV videos will not play back properly on a computer with an ATI video card, the colors are off or inverted, what can I do?
A. ATI's hardware WMV decoding is incorrectly implemented and tends to fail in numerous areas, you need to disable WMV decoding.
    Using the Catalyst Control Center:
  1. Start the Catalyst Control Center
  2. Click "View -> Advanced View."
  3. Go to "Video -> All Settings."
  4. Scroll down to the bottom.
  5. Uncheck "Windows Media Video Acceleration."
  6. Click "Apply."
  7. Close the CCC and reboot your computer.
    If you have an older ATi driver that doesn't use the Catalyst Control Center, you'll find the WMV acceleration setting in the Windows Desktop properties:
  1. Right-click the desktop and click "Properties."
  2. Click the "Settings" tab.
  3. Click the "Advanced" button.
  4. Here, find a checkbox called "WMV9 acceleration" or something like it. Uncheck it.
  5. Click OK, and reboot your computer.
    You can also use the small free utility ATI Tray Tools to disable WMV decoding:
  1. Install ATI Tray Tools.
  2. Right click the ATI Tray Tools icon in the system tray (lower right of start bar).
  3. Go through Tweaks->Standard Tweaks->System Tab.
  4. Uncheck "WMV Acceleration."

Q. What is the difference between the .WMV files and the .M2P files?
A. We have reworked our compression levels to now include .M2P video files along with our .WMV files. The .M2P files utilize the MPEG2 codec that is the base for DVD technology. An .M2P file is a combined stream of both the audio and video portion of a clip into one file as opposed to commercial DVDs which store these components in seperate files. This allows our members to easily download and burn these files to DVD without the need for a format conversion and is the ultimate in quality for DVD burning. Our .WMV files are also of exceptional quality but are better suited for playback on a computer monitor.

Q. How do I burn the .WMV and .M2P files to a DVD for viewing on my television?
A. You can use any DVD burning application that supports .WMV and .M2P files. However, ALS recommends and has fully tested Sonic MyDVD 5. Sonic Solution's MyDVD is the easiest and most direct method for writing .WMV and .M2P files to DVD, requiring little or no format conversion and the least amount of temporary disc space. Please note that individual stand alone DVD players react differently to various DVD-R media. What may playback in one DVD player may not play in another. Generally speaking, newer DVD players are the most compatible with DVD-Rs. Also, the DVD-R and DVD+R formats have the widest compatibility range at the moment. If you do wish to burn the video files to DVD for television viewing, we recommend that you download the .M2P files as they are already MPEG2 videos, the same compression used on commercial DVDs.

Q. Why does Sonic MyDVD have problems burning the .WMV files to DVD?
A. Sonic MyDVD has problems with the WMV format occasionally that Windows Movie Maker 2 and other Windows applications make files in as default. To avoid this problem, all you need to do is save it in a more preferred format. Import your WMV into Movie maker and once you have your project, go to File, Save Movie File, Select My Computer, name your file and select its saved location, click Show more options, then select Other Settings, then select DV-AVI (NTSC), then finish up the saving process.

Q. Will an ALS DVD fit onto a single burned DVD-disc?
A. It depends on many different factors including the resolution quality level that you selected for download. Due to the nature of DVD technology, writeable DVDs are slightly smaller than a standard press DVD. As such, many of our DVDs are sized to fit onto one single-layer DVD R (4.7 GB), but some are not. At ALS, we strive to bring you the best quality available, and we were unwilling to sacrifice quality for space. If you wish to create a custom DVD of your favorite scenes from various ALS DVDs, make sure that you stay within the size limit as designated by your DVD burner and media type. With the advances in DVD technology, dual-layer burners are hitting the market now and offer up to 8.5 GBs of space for your compilation DVDs. A dual-layer burner will have no problem fitting an ALS DVD onto a single disc. However, a standard single-layer DVD burner may require 2 discs to fit an entire ALS DVD.
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Billing Questions
Q. How do I purchase tokens?
A. New visitors to our site will need to click on the Buy Tokens link at the top of the page and fill out the appropriate order form. Existing ALS DVD customers who already have access to the Download Area can click on the Add Tokens link in the download area and choose the number of additional tokens they wish to purchase.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. ALS DVD Online membership is only required for customers to enter the download area. Once a customer purchases any number of tokens, they are given access to the download area or "members" section. Unless you buy new tokens, ALS will not rebill your credit card for any reason.
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