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Chapter 1 - Interview Video: Paisley is in the living room sitting on a flowered sofa with her dress bunched around her waist. She discusses how much she likes sex and jacking off with our camera crew. She shows off her tits and keeps touching her freshly shaved pussy! 3:48 640x480 47 55
720x540 60 80
640x480 M2P 148 115
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley is standing and pulls at her dress to reveal her bald pussy. Paisley gets sassy and flirts with Beth our assistant, then poses upside down on the sofa. There are amazing close-ups of Paisley rubbing her clit and inserting multiple fingers into her hot pussy. She also inserts a tan colored dildo and pulls it out to show off her gaping hole. HOT! 20:21 640x480 248 425
720x540 325 550
640x480 M2P 793 735
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley is dressed like a schoolgirl with her hair in pigtails. She strips from her skirt to reveal her white thong panties. Paisley takes a seat and removes her panties to show off her swollen clit, then she inserts her fingers to pull her pussy wide. She hooks some vibrating clips to her nipples and then to her pussy lips, using the cord to spread herself open. 10:53 640x480 33 230
720x540 174 295
640x480 M2P 424 390
Chapter 4 - Peeing Video: Paisley squats down in a long hallway wearing nothing but her adorable pigtails. She pees across the floor making sure not to spray her white socks and sneakers. Hot stuff!!! 1:42 640x480 20 145
720x540 27 165
640x480 M2P 66 185
Chapter 5 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley removes her skirt and unhooks the snaps at the crotch of her bodysuit to reveal her pussy. Paisley inserts a clear bottle into her hot pussy while rubbing her clit. She lets go of the bottle and raises her leg into the. She gets on all fours and spreads her pussy wide to pop the bottle out of her gaping hole with her muscles! Fucking hot! 9:55 640x480 170 210
720x540 158 270
640x480 M2P 387 355
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley poses on a wooden staircase in nothing but clear heels and a man's dress shirt. Paisley squeezes her luscious breasts then takes a seat to allow our assistant Beth to generously apply lube to her hungry pussy. Paisley describes Beth to the camera and then her snatch munches four carrots! 6:30 640x480 79 135
720x540 103 175
640x480 M2P 253 235
Chapter 7 - Masturbation Video: Paisley is naked on the bed with her favorite toy… the Rockin' Rabbit! It's a pink vibrator that has rabbit ears at the base for clit stimulation. She rubs her clit vigorously with those awesome bunny ears, making her pussy juices flow. Paisley cums hard and we see why she loves that little bunny so much! 5:54 640x480 72 250
720x540 94 285
640x480 M2P 230 320
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley poses in the bedroom wearing a red slip. There are great butt shots of her in the red thong before she takes it off the spread her pussy wide. Paisley then inserts the ALS Rocket and we get some close-ups of her pink cervix! She rolls onto her stomach and rubs her clit. Beth spreads her pussy open and is happy to help pull the Rocket out! 18:08 640x480 221 760
720x540 285 870
640x480 M2P 707 980
Chapter 9 - Peeing Video: Paisley squats on a white chair in the bedroom. She spreads her pussy wide and starts to pee, blasting one of the photographers with a continuous golden shower. Hot stuff! 1:49 640x480 22 155
720x540 29 175
640x480 M2P 71 195
Chapter 10 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley is decked out in a sheer animal print dress and black heels. She spreads her pussy and ass wide. She inserts multiple fingers before going on to the Jackhammer vibrator! Paisley pumps the Jackhammer into her moist mound and slowly pulls it out to reveal her gaping hole! She continues with the vibrator, adding some fingers in the ass and pussy to the mix! Smoking! 19:45 640x480 241 475
720x540 315 595
640x480 M2P 770 710
Chapter 11 - Peeing Video: Paisley is in the bathroom and on the bathroom sink. She pees out toward the camera crew while wearing nothing but her sneakers, socks, and her Heartbreakers tank top. Fun stuff! 1:57 640x480 23 165
720x540 31 185
640x480 M2P 76 210
Chapter 12 - Photoshoot Video:Paisley poses next to and on the bed in her sneakers and Heartbreaker tank top. Beth greases her pussy up good and Paisley is bale to fully fist herself. Amazing fisting scene! 5:26 640x480 66 115
720x540 87 147
640x480 M2P 212 195
Chapter 13 - Photoshoot Video: Paisley takes a yellow squash and squats down on it, getting it in deep doggie style! She pulls it out and inserts one finger in deep to pull her pussy wide and reveal her gaping hole! Paisley inserts more fingers and Beth helps spread her to the max. Paisley lies on the bed and talks about her favorite toys and how we worked her tight pussy good! 9:54 640x480 121 210
720x540 158 265
640x480 M2P 386 355

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