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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are on the bed posing for the camera. Monica stuffs a vibrator into Nicole's ass then, rams two large carrots into Nicole's sweet pussy. Hot Stuff! 10:48 640x480 132 225
720x540 172 290
640x480 M2P 421 390
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are dressed in karate robs with swords as they pose for the camera. They lick each others clit and spread their pussy's wide for the camera. Then, Monica slides a double sided dildo into Nicole juicy pussy. Great Action! 12:05 640x480 147 255
720x540 193 325
640x480 M2P 471 435
Chapter 3 - Peeing Video: Nicole is outside on the brick steps with a cigarette in her mouth. She pees on the steps for the camera for all to see! 3:10 640x480 38 265
720x540 50 305
640x480 M2P 123 340
Chapter 4 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are in the kitchen wearing black and white dresses. They spread their pussy's wide for the camera. Monica rams a dildo into her sweet pussy while she stuffs her fingers into Nicole's pussy. Incredible! 15:12 640x480 185 320
720x540 242 410
640x480 M2P 592 545
Chapter 5 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are outside on the deck posing for the camera. Nicole rams a dildo into Monica's pussy while she stuffs the other end in her mouth. Then, Monica stuffs Nicole's pussy with a huge cucumber. Amazing Action! 14:41 640x480 179 295
720x540 234 380
640x480 M2P 572 505
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are wearing black and white lingerie while they pose for the camera. Nicole stuffs a glass bottle into her juicy pussy then, Monica takes her turn and rams a glass bottle into her own pussy. Too Hot! 16:19 640x480 199 345
720x540 260 440
640x480 M2P 636 585
Chapter 7 - Interview Video: Monica and Nicole are sitting on the bed talking to the camera about the day. Listen to these ladies giggle and kiss each other goodbye for the night. 2:27 640x480 30 35
720x540 39 50
640x480 M2P 95 65
Chapter 8 - Girl-Girl Video: Nicole is eating out Monica's sweet pussy on the bed. Watch her kiss and lick Monica's clit to orgasm then, the two ladies take a smoke break and chat. 10:44 640x480 131 450
720x540 171 515
640x480 M2P 418 580
Chapter 9 - Peeing Video: Nicole positions herself in the corner of the bedroom and gets ready to pee. Monica spreads her lips so we can all get a good look. Hot! 2:27 640x480 30 205
720x540 39 235
640x480 M2P 95 265
Chapter 10 - Girl-Girl Video: Nicole is in the pile driver position on the red chair. Monica lubes up her pussy and rams a blue vibrator in and out until she cums. Amazing Action! 16:59 640x480 207 715
720x540 271 815
640x480 M2P 662 915

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640x480 M2P 3.90 Gig 3900
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