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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Popular ALS model Joanne is back, and hotter than ever. She starts out this shoot by showing off her tight body and firm tits, but once she's naked she wants to show off her pussy! Jo's got great pussy lips, so she twists and clamps them with a chain, then climbs on the coffee table so you can get a better view. 8:18 640x480 102 175
720x540 133 225
640x480 M2P 324 300
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Jo moves straight to the couch, so she can relax and play with her pussy. She keeps pulling on her lips, then spreads them wide and shows off her clit. This isn't enough, so she rolls over with her ass in the air, spreads wide, and lets the camera get lots of great gaping hole shots! 11:07 640x480 136 235
720x540 178 300
640x480 M2P 434 400
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Trish has stopped by, and Jo is glad to see her! Soon the girls are completly undressed, licking and teasing each other's pussy lips. Jo gets on the floor in pile driver position so Trish can spread her wide and work her hungry pussy with a dildo! 14:39 640x480 179 310
720x540 234 395
640x480 M2P 571 530
Chapter 4 - Photoshoot Video: Now Jo gets to use that huge dildo on Trish. She slides it deep into Trish's pussy, the pulls it out slowly. The camera moves in so you can see how her pussy is wrapped around the massive toy. There's great pull out shots too! 6:43 640x480 82 140
720x540 107 180
640x480 M2P 262 240
Chapter 5 - Photoshoot Video: When our crew asks what's next, Jo certainly knows what she wants - fisting! She's already wet, so Trish can slide her whole hand in up to the wrist. Jo spreads wide, and Trish pushes her hand deep into Jo's dripping pussy. 8:39 640x480 106 180
720x540 138 235
640x480 M2P 338 310
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Jo starts out dressed in a blue bikini, but she pulls it off fast. She wants to play with her incredible pussy lips again - she's got her clamps, this time with weights! Female assistant Beth jumps in for some great lip pulling, then Jo sits down with the clear tube toy, and the camera gets close so you can see everything! 19:33 640x480 239 410
720x540 312 530
640x480 M2P 763 705
Chapter 7 - Photoshoot Video: Jo wants more fisting, but since Trish is gone she has to take care of herself. She lays with her ass in the air, so you have a great view. She shoves her hand in her dripping pussy, pushing all of her fingers in. She slowly pulls out, letting the camera catch all the wet action. 4:50 640x480 59 100
720x540 77 130
640x480 M2P 188 175
Chapter 8 - Peeing Video: It's been a long day, and Jo has to pee, so she lets the camera crew into the bathroom with her. She sits on the edge of the tub, and lets loose. Our photographer gets in close, even though he might get sprayed! When she's done there is quite a puddle on the floor! 2:25 640x480 30 205
720x540 39 230
640x480 M2P 94 260
Chapter 9 - Masturbation Video: Jo has a secret talent - when she cums she gushes, and she wants to show this talent! She starts out slow, playing with her plump pussy, rubbing her clit and lips. Then she grabs her bullet vibrator for some help. She grinds against the toy as she cums, a bit of pussy juice running down her ass. 22:19 640x480 273 700
720x540 357 800
640x480 M2P 871 900
Chapter 10 - Masturbation Video: Jo's had a great day, and she's not done yet! She's grabbed the glass dildo, and wants a chance to use the big toy on herself. She rubs her clit with it, then starts to pump her pussy. As she gets wetter she works her pussy harder - and you can see it all! 11:26 640x480 140 480
720x540 183 550
640x480 M2P 446 620

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