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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Nicole and Monica are hanging out in casual clothes. It is not long before they have both stripped down to nothing. Nicole shaves off Monica's pussy hair and then Monica works Nicole with the sword dildo. Monica pulls it out quickly for a great gaping hole shot. 21:58 640x480 279 460
720x540 362 595
640x480 M2P 857 790
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: The girls are posing in their cute summer sundresses. They are kissing and licking each other's firm tits. Monica licks Nicole's wet pussy, then decides to fist her. Nicole returns the favor by opening up Monica's pussy wide with some metal spreaders. This scene has great closeups of Monica's open pussy. 18:11 640x480 231 380
720x540 299 490
640x480 M2P 710 655
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Monica and Nicole are back posing in bras and panties. They give us some hot glamour poses and some great pussy licking shots. The girls decide to share a double dildo on the floor, then Nicole flips upside down so Monica can take the dildo from above her. They both take the dildo deep, despite their crazy position! 16:12 640x480 206 340
720x540 267 440
640x480 M2P 632 585
Chapter 4 - Peeing Video: Nicole has to pee and our videocamera catches all the action. She perches on the bathtub ledge and lets loose her golden stream. She manages to stop and start so we can get some closeups of her spread pussy! 3:13 640x480 45 295
720x540 58 340
640x480 M2P 137 380
Chapter 5 - Girl-Girl Action Video: Monica and Nicole are relaxing and talking on the bed. Things heat up and before long they are kissing each other all over. Monica eats Nicole and rubs her wet, swolen clit. Nicole is clearly in exctasy and just doesn't want Monica to stop. 12:23 640x480 157 520
720x540 204 595
640x480 M2P 485 670
Chapter 6 (part 1) - Girl-Girl Action Video: The girls are ready for some more fun. Monica lubes up Nicole's hot pussy and teases her with a vibrator. She fingers and licks Nicole's clit while working the vibrator in and out. Check out the close up pussy eating shots during Nicole's orgasm! 15:32 640x480 197 540
720x540 256 590
640x480 M2P 607 635
Chapter 6 (part 2) - Girl-Girl Action Video: Now it is Monica's turn to get off. Nicole lubes her up and starts gently rubbing and fingering that sweet pussy. Monica gets really hot, so the girls switch to 69 position so they can both get off one more time! 14:14 640x480 181 510
720x540 235 540
640x480 M2P 556 575
Chapter 7 - Peeing Video: Now Monica has to go! She is shy, so she relaxes and talks to Beth. It takes a while to get started but soon she is spraying all over the bathroom floor and leaves us with quite a puddle! 4:33 640x480 58 380
720x540 75 435
640x480 M2P 178 490
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Nicole and Monica pose for some sexy glamour shots in their lingerie. They playfully undress each other then begin to kiss. They pose erotically on the floor and bed. This scene is so sexy we had to put the rest on Part 2! We are all left hanging as Monica starts to put a dildo in Nicole's ass. 8:14 640x480 105 175
720x540 136 220
640x480 M2P 321 295

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