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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video:Bonnie is posing on the bed in her white ALS Angel tank and purple thong. She spreads herself and inserts her fingers then her big toe into her plump pussy. Bonnie gets into the pile driver position and inserts a corncob, toying her pussy and rubbing her clit. She then takes salt & pepper shakers and rams them into her ass and pussy. Bonnie pops the pepper out with her muscles! 19:11 640x480 234 405
720x540 306 520
640x480 M2P 748 690
Chapter 2 - Masturbation Video: Bonnie is on a white bed and rubbing her pussy and clit. She spreads her lips to show off her gaping pussy hole. She rams a flesh colored dildo into her pussy and pops it out for gaping action. Bonnie uses the dildo to stretch her pussy open so that she can fist herself. Great pussy play! 9:29 640x480 123 400
720x540 151 455
640x480 M2P 370 510
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie lies on the bed face down and spreads, lubing up to make multiple insertions of different objects. She starts with a clear cone anal plug, then puts a toothbrush and pen into her pussy. She takes a milky yellow vibrator and plugs her ass, while popping a flesh colored dildo in and out of her pussy. Bonnie finishes with her own fist packed into her juicy snatch! 20:57 640x480 256 440
720x540 335 565
640x480 M2P 817 755
Chapter 4 - Peeing Video: Bonnie is in the pile driver position in the Jacuzzi tub. She wants to pee but she can't upside down. She squats on the sink and sprays pee onto the floor, spreading her pussy lips open. Fun stuff!!! 3:48 640x480 46 320
720x540 60 365
640x480 M2P 148 410
Chapter 5 - Interview Video: Bonnie is in the shower rubbing her body with soap. Her tits glisten in the water. She pushes her ass out and licks her tit. She spreads her pussy and the water runs over her hot hole. She dances a little for the camera, and tells us about her time with ALS as she squats on the edge of the tub. 4:56 640x480 60 75
720x540 78 105
640x480 M2P 192 150
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe is sitting on a chair in a blue dress and white stockings. She pulls her lace panties to the side and lubes up her tight pussy. She inserts her fingers and rubs her clit. Zoe does a little finger fucking, then a four finger insert with amazing pullouts! Our assistant finger fucks Zoe's juicy pussy as her legs point to the sky! Fucking Hot! 16:11 640x480 197 340
720x540 258 435
640x480 M2P 631 585
Chapter 7 - Peeing Video:Zoe is on a white chair outside. She spreads her pussy lips and pees in a perfect arch onto the ground. She inserts some fingers and pulls her pussy open while she pees. 2:46 640x480 33 230
720x540 44 265
640x480 M2P 107 300
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe is on a grey bed in a pink tank with matching panties. She lies on the bed face down and spreads her ass and pussy. After lubing it up, she inserts her fingers to pull her gaping pussy open. She stands over the ALS Rocket and takes it deep inside her pussy. We get some great cervix shots, as she rubs her clit. Awesome pullout! 12:24 640x480 151 260
720x540 198 335
640x480 M2P 484 445
Chapter 9 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe is in a tiger print dress posing in the bedroom against the wall. She sticks out her ass and pulls her gaping pussy wide. Zoe squats atop the dresser spreading her legs to take a cucumber into her juicy hole without using her hands. She sits up to let the cucumber drop out! HOT HOT HOT! 12:38 640x480 153 265
720x540 201 340
640x480 M2P 491 455
Chapter 10 - Masturbation Video: Zoe is on a plaid bed ramming a clear anal plug and rubbing her clit. She uses her fingers to fuck herself before switching to a flesh colored dildo to pop her pussy. She rams her juicy pussy with it while rubbing her clit. Zoe then takes a giant red dildo and poses on her knees with it hanging from her pussy. We get a great pullout shot, and Zoe tells us that anal is her favorite! 11:29 640x480 140 480
720x540 181 550
640x480 M2P 448 620

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