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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe poses for some hot glamour shots in her flowered dress. She gets lubed up and shows us how many fingers she can take in her pussy. Then she gets a look at her first toy- it is a monster! She is able to take it deep inside. 15:29 640x480 189 325
720x540 248 420
640x480 M2P 604 560
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe wants to play some more with her huge red dildo. She works it in and out of her juicy pussy. Then she gives us some of the best gaping hole shots ever! Look at her juices flowing! 6:03 640x480 74 125
720x540 97 165
640x480 M2P 236 220
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe shows of her tight ass in a shiny silver bodysuit. She spreads her pussy wide with the help of assistant Beth. After a few finger insertions she takes our glass bottle deep inside. 17:25 640x480 213 450
720x540 278 580
640x480 M2P 679 775
Chapter 4 - Photoshoot Video: Can you believe this hottie likes anal too? Zoe take a minute to finger her ass for the camera. Then she wants to play with that big bottle again. Beth helps spread Zoe's pussy so she can give us some hot gaping pullouts! ! 10:12 640x480 125 215
720x540 163 275
640x480 M2P 398 365
Chapter 5 - Peeing Video: Zoe can't hold it any longer! She squats down right in the middle of the kitchen floor and spreads her lips wide. She shoots so far she almost hits the camera! 1:53 640x480 23 160
720x540 30 180
640x480 M2P 74 205
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe looks so cute in her sporty outfit. This time she puts her fingers in her ass and pussy and the same time! Beth steps in again to help Zoe insert an banana in pile driver position. Check out these gaping hole close up shots! 18:24 640x480 225 385
720x540 294 495
640x480 M2P 718 660
Chapter 7 - Photoshoot Video: This is one action packed scene! First, Beth full fists Zoe. But she just isn't satisfied and wants to see if she can fist herself! She is able to get her whole fist inside her tight, wet pussy! 10:40 640x480 131 225
720x540 171 290
640x480 M2P 417 385
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Don't let this school girl fool you! She is really a horny bitch! Zoe masturbates a bit for our cameraman, then opens up wide with our pussy spreaders. Beth steps in again to really pull that pussy open wide! Zoe loves the feel of her stretched pussy, so she masturbates with the spreaders too! 15:53 640x480 195 335
720x540 254 430
640x480 M2P 620 575
Chapter 9 - Photoshoot Video: This is one of our best ever speculum scenes. Once the toy is fully opened you get to see crystal clear close ups of Zoe's cervix. Then she pulls out the toy with it wide open! 8:09 640x480 100 170
720x540 130 220
640x480 M2P 318 295
Chapter 10 - Peeing Video: Zoe has to pee again. This time she perches on the ledge of the bathtub. She has to go really bad- so we get lots of shots of her starting and stoping her stream! Lots of fun and laughs! 1:23 640x480 17 115
720x540 22 135
640x480 M2P 55 150
Chapter 11 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe wants to play with her ass some more. We find her a butt plug and she slowly works it in and out! Once the butt plug is in, Zoe spreads her pussy with both hands. Incredibly Hot Action! 6:25 640x480 79 135
720x540 102 175
640x480 M2P 250 230
Chaper 12 - Photoshoot Video: Zoe is posing with her ass high in the air! She grabs a string of anal beads and inserts all 5 beads! Beth steps in to help Zoe spread her pussy with the anal beads deep inside! 5:59 640x480 73 125
720x540 96 160
640x480 M2P 234 215

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