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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie is so much fun, and she says she's looking forward to the shoot! She plays around, showing off her large tits, but soon she's naked and posing. She starts off by fingering herself, then stuffs her pussy with her hand, and when that's enough she fingers her ass. This girl gets off to a good start! 13:47 640x480 175 290
720x540 227 370
640x480 M2P 538 495
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie loves to play with her ass - she surprises everyone when she starts off with some anal finger insertions. Then she sits down, wraps her long legs behind her head and shoves a dildo in her pussy! The whole time she's spread wide, letting us get lots of close ups of all the wet action! 17:21 640x480 221 365
720x540 286 470
640x480 M2P 677 625
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie's no innocent school girl - she's busy pulling on her white panties for some great camel toe shots, then takes them off and grabs a bottle for some insertions. She likes the idea that the bottle lets everyone see her pink pussy, then happily pulls it out for some hot gaping shots. 13:35 640x480 173 285
720x540 224 365
640x480 M2P 530 490
Chapter 4 - Photoshoot Video: This scene starts off with some posing - until Bonnie grabs the TV remote and shoves it in her ass! Soon she has another remote in her pussy, and when she gets tired of them she grabs some bananas - first she stuffs one in her wet pussy and luckily the camera gets in close as she fills her ass as well!! 13:54 640x480 177 290
720x540 229 375
640x480 M2P 542 500
Chapter 5 - Peeing Video: After all this work Bonnie's got to pee. She keeps surprising us - like when she pees on the cameraman! That doesn't stop us, as long as she's peeing we keep taking pictures and get lots of close ups as she sprays pee all over the tub. 8:02 640x480 102 675
720x540 132 770
640x480 M2P 314 870
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie has a glamorous side, and she shows it off in her sexy black outfit. The camera gets in for some extreme camel toe shots, the clothes all come off, and she's back to playing with her pussy, shoving in all of her fingers. She grabs three candles and uses them to spread herself wide so you can see it all! 11:37 640x480 147 245
720x540 191 315
640x480 M2P 453 420
Chapter 7 - Masturbation Video: Bonnie's been waiting for this. She lubes up and starts by rubbing her clit until she's wet, then works herself with the vibrator. Soon she's got the vibrator in her ass as she plays with her clit and pounds her dripping pussy with the dildo. It takes a lot of action to satisfy this girl! 25:20 640x480 322 750
720x540 410 850
640x480 M2P 988 950
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Bonnie cools down by posing for the camera some more. She shows off her perfect ass, then sits down for some more bottle insertions. It looks like Bonnie's calmed down, but we know she's just catching her breath for more hot ALS action - we wonder what other tricks she's got for us?!? 10:52 640x480 138 230
720x540 179 295
640x480 M2P 426 390

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