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Note About Video Quality: the original, raw video footage was shot on a 1-chip SVHS camera.
The original quality was very bad. We have taken extensive measures to remaster this video to higher quality standards.
First, we ran the video footage through a high-end signal corrector/processor and directly converted the video to a digital signal.
Then we digitally re-processed/enhanced the digital video signal using noise reduction filters and color enhancers until we got the best quality possible.
This was a very time-consuming process, but it was worth it; the final resulting video is so much better than the original raw video it is amazing.
While this video is not near the video quality that we can obtain today, we believe that it is the best that it will ever be.
This is the complete and final result for ALS Classic Jana Shoot #2.

Snapshot Description Length
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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: To start out this amazing 1 time bonus we introduce beautiful Jana. She tells us a little about herself, and then gets to work. Jana begins the shoot wearing a white sweater, and a blue skirt. She poses by the house, then out in the woods. Jana hops up on the picnic table and shows us her perky tits and nice pussy. She then takes it to the back deck where she poses in some interesting angles! 17:31 640x480 273 210
800x600 402 315
640x480 M2P 668 400
Chapter 2 - Photoshoot Video: Watch beautiful Jana pose in a sexy white dress on her living room couch in this hot photoset. Jana begins to pose showing off her beautiful body, she bends over to give us a sneak peek of that perfect pussy that we are going to be seeing so much of throughout this shoot! She then takes off her dress and poses on the couch. Then Jana is handed her toy for the scene. She opens it up, and does not hesitate to insert it inside of her pussy. Watch her insert the toy from different positions. 31:05 640x480 485 375
800x600 713 560
640x480 M2P 1184 705
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Jana is posing in the kitchen wearing a sexy see through top and shorts. She gives us some very sexy poses on the kitchen counter, then on her dining room chair as she takes her outfit off. Jana then grabs for a large squash that she uses to insert deep inside of her pussy. She inserts the squash from the front, and then in the doggy style position! 32:01 640x480 499 385
800x600 734 575
640x480 M2P 1219 730
Chapter 4 - Photoshoot Video: We start this scene with a little behind the scenes action! Watch Jana sit at the bar and enjoy a cigarette before her next scene starts. Jana then goes into the living room where she poses for us wearing a pair of white panties, and a sexy short ALS t-shirt! Jana takes her panties off revealing her sweet pussy. She then goes over to sit next to the fireplace where she inserts a red incense holder deep inside of her pussy! 19:00 640x480 296 230
800x600 435 340
640x480 M2P 723 430
Chapter 5 - Photoshoot Video: Jana is sitting at the bar wearing a sexy black dress in this scene. Since she has no panties on, she has easy access to her pink pussy! Jana begins to spread and gape her pussy for the camera. Next we have a very special treat for you!! Jana goes into the bathroom and shaves her pussy hair all off for the camera! Even Jana admits this is the very first time she has ever shaved her pussy!! Once Jana's pussy is nice and smooth, she inserts fingers deep inside for us! 16:46 640x480 262 200
800x600 384 300
640x480 M2P 638 380
Chapter 6 - Photoshoot Video: Jana starts off this scene posing next to her light blue sports car wearing a sexy black dress! She begins to slip the dress off and show off her amazing body! Jana gets in the car for a few poses, and then shows us inside of her pussy as she gapes wide open! We then head back inside where it's a little warmer so Jana can pose at the gun range! Jana puts her earphones on, and poses with actual guns! 14:26 640x480 225 175
800x600 331 260
640x480 M2P 550 330
Chapter 7 - Photoshoot Video: Jana starts out this scene by shooting a little pool as she strikes some sexy poses! There is nothing like seeing a hot girl's ass and pussy as she bends down to take a shot! Jana then poses with the stick, pushing up on her pussy with it. She then sits in a chair and begins to spread, and show off her pussy in different positions. Jana then gets on the floor where she sprawls out wide for the camera! 11:15 640x480 176 135
800x600 257 205
640x480 M2P 428 255
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot Video: Jana gets a lesson on weapons in this video! Watch her pick out her favorite gun, and pose for the camera while holding it! She starts with a long revolver, but that just isn't enough for this hottie! By the middle of the scene Jana is in full army gear! She is holding a huge machine gun, wearing a vest, and a helmetů of course we can still see her sexy body underneath! 9:03 640x480 141 110
800x600 208 165
640x480 M2P 345 205
Chapter 9 -Photoshoot Video: Jana is back in her living room posing in a black jacket, and a Mexican sombrero! She shows off her sexy body, and then changes to a cowboy hat. This girl can wear absolutely anything and still be gorgeous! Jana then goes to the bar area where she inserts a bottle deep inside of her pussy and gives us some great pullouts! 13:55 640x480 217 165
800x600 319 250
640x480 M2P 530 315
Chapter 10 - Photoshoot Video: We start this next scene with some behind the scenes footage of Jana smoking on her bedroom floor. Then we jump to her posing in the bedroom with a snow hat, ski poles, and a pair of skis! Jana works the skis like nobody else could, and then we cut to Jana in her room wearing a blue jacket with nothing else on. She sits on her dresser, and rubs her entire body down with baby oil. Jana then opens a huge dildo and inserts it deep inside of her pussy! 24:19 640x480 379 290
800x600 558 440
640x480 M2P 926 555
Chapter 11 - Photoshoot Video: Jana is posing in front of her fireplace wearing a very sexy piece of black lingerie. Watch as she poses showing off her sexy body. She then sits down and pulls the lingerie aside and spreads her pink pussy wide open for us! Jana then inserts a glass tube inside of her pussy and gives us a great pullout! 14:50 640x480 231 180
800x600 340 265
640x480 M2P 565 340
Chapter 12 - Photoshoot Video: We catch Jana posing on her bed wearing a sexy black dress. She isn't wearing any panties so we get a great look at her pussy! She begins to spread and gape her pussy for the camera. To give us a better look inside, Jana flips over on her stomach to open herself up wide from behind. Jana finishes up the scene by lying on the bed and giving us some very sexy poses. 8:08 640x480 127 100
800x600 187 145
640x480 M2P 310 185
Chapter 13 - Photoshoot Video: Jana is lying on her bed posing with the speculum that she is going to be inserting. She plays with her nipples with the speculum then inserts it deep inside of her pussy to open herself up wide! We get to see inside of Jana's pussy, and she gives us a nice pullout! This scene ends with some behind the scenes footage of Jana between sets! 13:15 640x480 207 160
800x600 304 240
640x480 M2P 504 300
Chapter 14 - Photoshoot Video: Jana is looking sexier than ever in this ultra hot photoset! With her dominatrix outfit on, and her whip in hand, Jana is sure to get any guy going! Watch as she poses with her sexy outfit on. Jana then sits in the chair and begins to spread her pussy. She then poses for the camera so we can see her beautiful pussy! 8:35 640x480 134 105
800x600 196 155
640x480 M2P 327 195
Chapter 15 - Photoshoot Video: Sexy Jana is posing for the camera right before she gets in the hot tub. She is standing in the bathroom with her scrub brush. Jana then goes in front of the fireplace to get a few shots in before the hot tub. When Jana finally gets in the hot tub, she poses with a glass of her favorite wine as she pours it all over her body! Jana then gets out of the hot tub and inserts a squash deep inside of her pussy! And no final photo shoot would be complete without Jana's closing statements to her fans!! 19:09 640x480 298 230
800x600 438 345
640x480 M2P 729 435
Chapter 16 - Masturbation Video: We could not let thins bonus end without some Jana masturbation videos! Watch Jana come out of her house onto her porch wearing a white tank top and purple panties. She begins to play with her pussy, and then pours a large bottle of water all over her body! Then watch Jana cut her shirt off with a knife, and play with her pussy with that same knife! Jana then lies down on the floor and pours baby oil all over her body as she fingers and gapes her pussy! We finish the scene off with Jana taking a nice hot shower to get herself clean! 30:42 640x480 479 735
800x600 697 830
640x480 M2P 1169 920
Chapter 17 - Masturbation Video: Jana is on her bed ready to get herself off in this hot masturbation. Watch as she seductively smokes a cigarette while laying in her gold bra and panties. Jana begins to take her bra off and squeeze on her tits for the camera. She then begins to rub on her clit, and finger she pussy. A few fingers just isn't enough for this hottie! Jana breaks out her vibrator that she uses to fuck her pussy with and toy with her clit. She sits up and begins to ride the vibrator! This is one scene you do not want to miss!! 32:18 640x480 503 775
800x600 738 870
640x480 M2P 1230 970

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